Private Schools Mafia, The Biggest Corruption in Pakistan

Private schools in Pakistan has now become a real business that always grows with time and always stealing money from the parents in the name of tuition fees, extra curricular activities and many other ways. There is no regulation over the fee structure of private schools thus each one is charging at his own will. Private schools are a ghost and nightmare for common people who extract money from parents in such way that seems legal and right of the school.

Most of private schools have no basic facilities like proper structure, either in commercial or residential areas specially in markets. Most of them having no ground or parking facilities at all. Many lack security measures. The quality of education is at its worse with teachers at very low salaries and most of them are not even qualified teachers.

Here are some ways private schools are stealing the money from you.

  • Increase in the tuition fee each 6 month or per year.
  • Exam or Printing Fund
  • Extra curricular activities funds like gaming, event or tour
  • Books, Uniform and Stationary changes frequently
  • School Van Fare which increases before petrol prices increased 😉
  • Charging of fee for 2-3 month summer vacation.

Last year many people specially in Islamabad did a protest against private schools of 100% increase in fees. That protest was noticed well by media and supreme court also ordered the private schools to not increase the fees. Lahore high court also once ordered that no fee should be taken for summer vacation. However none of decisions were implement. Private schools are still running and growing day by day in to a very profitable business.

Private schools must be regularized under Government inspection. Strict rules should be made for a private school to be qualified and all those who do not meet those requirements must be shut down. The quality of education must be monitored and ensure teachers get well paid.


Article By:
Ammara Mazhar

Photo Courtesy: Dawn




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