Say no to Jahez

Jahez (Things that the bride family had to give to their daughter). Jahez is a common system in South Asia specially Pakistan & India. Its roots are deeper in to our community and everyone to their extent is either giving or receiving  jahez. It is considered as main part of the wedding in our cultures. There is not much existence of Jahez in Islam like it is now in our society.

Jahez was mainly oriented from emperors and queens when queens were married with kings the bride family give wealth, land and most of things they have to the king. This same adopted by the Hindus. While Muslims and Hindus lived together their culture adopted a lot from each other and jahez is one of thing that exist till today.

With growing demands the bride family is worst affected with this. In Pakistan  as estimated 60% girls are over age to get married just because they cannot fulfill the requirements of the other party. People demand a lot in the name of Jahez. It is growing still with no efforts being made to have it under law or at least get some strict rules over jahez.

The Islam has no concept of Jahez. Islam encourage both parties to combine their relation based on brotherhood, family system and trust rather than materialistic things. The weddings become lot more expensive and a common man can not afford this at all which results in wide range of personal and social problems.

Not only on marriage the demand increases after marriage and bride’s family had to accept this to save their daughter home and keep her hubby or his family happy.

Today when a relation is being made the groom & his family expect that the bride brings lots of things with her and most of them give the list that they need this. This is indeed act of shame because you are going to a sacred relation with someone’s daughter but asking the price of it as well.

The Government should introduce some laws to limit jahez and also should support families to have community marriages. The non profit organizations should help the people to marry their girls. Like one dish formula there can be definitely limit on items that include Jahez. Islamic scholars urge their followers to get rid of Jahez.



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