Situation of Government Schools in Pakistan

Government Schools in Pakistan are a major source for 80% population for low cost education. Its because of Government schools that Pakistan has retained its literacy rate which is below than it should be but not really bad. However the situation of government schools is worst than ever. In large cities there are some finest Government schools, colleges and universities but situation become worse in the rural areas. Government schools in rural areas are either have no facilities or building as well as no staff even they get regular salaries.

Many schools are turned in to animal’s home. There are no facilities and teachers remain absent from many years even they get salaries. There is no one to complain about and people have to turn to private schools if they want their child to learn something at early age. But everyone can not afford heavy fees for private schools.

According to recent survey 65% schools in rural areas are non functional. Having no facilities, no electricity, furniture, water and most importantly staff. Those who are there are not well educated and mass number of people are appointed on political basis. They get paid heavily in terms of salaries as well as school grants but nothing reach to the actual school rehabilitation or reconstruction.

The curriculum that is currently going on in schools is also outdated. It has never been changed to modern standards thus when a student gets out of 8th class or metric (10th) and goes in the college he faces lots of difficulties when abrupt change of entire curriculum in English. Thus he has left no choice of understanding what is written they just remember it. So curriculum is another problem.

All curriculum must be in Urdu which is our national language. Most developed countries like China & Japan has everything in their own language and they hardly understand English yet they are producing one of the best graduates each year.

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