Supreme Court Reserved Panama Case

Supreme Court Of Pakistan has concluded the Panama case on Friday and saved its judgement without announcing any due date. The court on 3rd day of JIT report hearing also opened volume 10 of JIT report which was kept confidential. It was opened after Nawaz Sharif lawyer argued that it contain material in favor of them.

Nawaz lawyer continued his objections on JIT on 3rd day. Khawaja Harris also said to supreme court that he needs more time and can produce more documents which court reject saying that enough time already been given and most of documents provided are forged.

One of justice said that its been a case of forged documents presented to court as well which can result in seven years prison as in law. The justice said that if Nawaz’ children are proved to hold the London flats ownership and money trial then Nawaz Sharif would not be guilty but if evidence is not provided court will have verdict on a person holding public office which was meant to be Nawaz Sharif the ruling Prime Minister.

Salman Akram Raja the Sharif’s children lawyer produced some documents which immediately caught the attention of judges that they were signed by solicitor on Saturday which is a holiday in UK. In reply to that Salman Akram Raja said that many law firms and solicitors work on Saturday as well. Court said does this include the lawyer you have signed from. Raja said NO.

Supreme court also ordered the  NAB to open Hudaibiya Paper Mills case which was pending due to Lahore High Court decisions. The court asked NAB to provide the details of the meeting held where court said that this decision cannot be appealed in supreme court and why NAB did not appealed in supreme court.

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf’s lawyer, Naeem Bokhari said in this final remarks that Nawaz Sharif has clearly hidden most of his treasures and does not declare the ownership of FZE in UAE.

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf’s lawyer, Naeem Bokhari, in his final statements, told the court that the PM had not disclosed his position in the UAE-based company Capital FZE.

He did not declare his income while serving as the chairman of the company, added the counsel.

So following verdicts are possible most of which are a defeat to Nawaz Sharif

  • If court held Nawaz Sharif responsible for this he will have to resign.
  • If Nawaz Sharif declared innocent but not his children then it will be a major setback for the Nawaz politics in future where he had prepared Maryam Nawaz as next head of PMLN.
  • If they are declared innocent in Panama case, then forged documents, misleading the court can also result in several punishments.



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