The Comedy Legacy of Pakistan

Pakistan is rich with talent that is of no doubt. Today we are to talk specifically about comedy. Comedy was the core of Pakistani movies and dramas and saw its peak in 60s till 90s even after that. The comedy was carried on with films, drama, theater and radio. Pakistani comedians have gained huge fan following and their existence is felt across the borders as well.

The pioneers of Pakistan comedy starts with 60s stars such as Munawar Zareef, Rangeela and Albela. This carried on by Rafi Khawar, Moin Akhtar, Bushra Ansari, Umar Sharif, Aman Ullah Khan, and many others. These become house hold names and their quick burst of laughter brought the smiles that can never be forgotten.

The above names were mostly attached with film and tv. The other breed of comedians who started from theater and done the work there only. Few names are Aman ullah, Sohail Ahmed, Bbu Baral and Umer Sharif. Over the years comedy field has saw one after the other a star. This is the one of area where Pakistan never got any talent shortage.

From 90s onward till today there become number of comedy stars who not only got fame in Pakistan but very popular in India as well. Few names are Honey Albela, Iftikhar Thakur, Nasir Chinuti, Naseem Vicky, Rauf Lala, Shakeel Sidiqui and list goes on.

Currently theater has not been that it was till 90s which comedians suffered the most. There were lack of opportunities both in films and tv so only a bunch of comedian exist today through two to three funny programs on various private channels. Currently on top are Khabarnaak and Mazaqraat. These kind of programs not only revising our traditional comedy but also helping the comedians to have consistent work that they always in need.

The main reason was why Pakistani comedy has no competitor is that most of it depicts real life situation, no script is usually there and comedians products hilarious comments on real time situations. The comedy that is acceptable to all people and no vulgar comments that is the essence of it. Pakistani comedians had also participated in Indian laughter competition and many indian consider Pakistan comedians as their source of inspiration and teachers.



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