The History of Peshawari Chappal

Peshawari Chappal (KPK) or Kheri (Punjab) is the most famous shoe of Pakistan mainly in KPK where from it is originally while its modified version is called Kheri in Punjab and mostly in Sindh as well. It is worn by men with traditional shalwar kameez dress.


Pehsawari Chappal is as old as Pakistan history and some makers tells that their elders have tales like it has come from Afghanistan and Iran and modified a lot to be in its current version. There are families who are making Peshawari chappal from many decades. Its most popular design was heavily stitched in golden color or brown one.

Peshawar chappal has prominence as it has been worn by many popular personalities like Imran Khan who still orders peshawari chappal from Peshawar. It consist of a thick leather and purely made with hand. It has a closer back to tie it together and its much flexible or smooth in wearing.

Many top brands are currently making Peshawar Chappal but the one that comes from Peshawar has its own uniqueness and importance and there is no match of that. The chappal got international prominence when Uk based fashion designer Sir Paul Smith introduce a similar version. Later he added that the main idea is taken from Peshawari Chappal.

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