The ISI funded Pigeon caught by India

A white pigeon was caught in Punjab’s Hoshiarpur district which is suspected to be from Pakistan. Indian police said that there was something written on the pigeon in urdu and a phone number. The police said that they are conducting the research on this pigeon.

The pigeon seem to be on a cold start spy mission to capture some information or he may be on a love fly to meet his opposite lover. The pigeon may also fly to meet some of his family members who are apart in different countries.

Pigeons were used as message delivery source in ancient times to deliver messages. Pigeons were trained for this so they reach to their destination accurately and then go back to his original sender. Indian police may be thinking of the same but such things are now very much uncommon. Pigeons are mostly a home based birds retained by pigeon lover and normally they exchange with each other or do a flying competition but at least they are not used for spying purposes




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