The Rise & Fall of Pakistan Post

Pakistan Post is a state owned public post service started in 1947. It was one of most established service since Pakistan came in to being. Pakistan Post was one of the main revenue generation for Pakistan for many decades.

When there was no other communication methods even landline phones the Pakistan Post was one of most reliable resource to send and receive letters, documents and everything else. Since its foundation Pakistan Post has postal offices in almost every city and small towns of Pakistan and is still most widely spread network.

One of best services introduced by Pakistan Post was urgent mail that you can use to send letters and parcels at amazingly quick time. Pakistan Post was a profitable business until late 90s then saw a gradual decline with the rise of mobile phone and internet.

Today Pakistan Post as like other government services is having billion of loss in revenues each year. The service is unable to pay most of its employees with very low wages of postmen. This was due to latest rise in Internet and mobile services the communication methods have been changed dramatically thus diminishing the postal services. Pakistan Post did not raise itself to the latest standards although it is trying hard to digitize itself but that has not been grown to whole of its branches and sub branches.

Pakistan Post has billion dollars property across Pakistan which unfortunately got under corrupt hands and Pakistan Post has lots most of its property assets. That includes properties in major parts of the main cities of Pakistan, buildings and apartments which had generated a constant revenue for Pakistan Post.

Pakistan Post is still widely used but limited to commercial and government usage with individual customers are on decline. Normally only used for sending documents, business material and parcels. The private postal services added more competition for Pakistan Post with offering more robust and reliable services.

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