There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan, Jinnah

There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan, Jinnah


The Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah famously said this. He was so firm and believe in Pakistan as he had a vision to carry on Pakistan to be among greatest nations in the world. That ideology and vision he had followed before the Pakistan foundation and after that too when he was governor general of Pakistan for very short period until his death. However in that short period Jinnah worked day and nights to organize and stabilize the Pakistan and it was his efforts that world immediately recognized Pakistan as a potential country for trade, services and manpower.


Perhaps this is one of greatest period in Pakistan history. A newly born war torn country which has nothing left, no business, no trade, no facilities or structure and above all thousands of immigrants on its soil means Jinnah had to cope with all this which he did successfully. After this death Liaquat Ali Khan carried out the mission successfully. During these 20 years although Pakistan’s politics goes light and dark at times but Pakistan become more organized and in a position to best represent what it has. The foundation of great organizations and institutes were setup such as PIA which become number one choice internationally in that period. Same for education when our universities were 2nd home to international students.

In this era Pakistan fought 2 wars as well (1947 and 1965) and successfully defended the home soil. This damaged the country progress but it had become more powerful with complete showdown of how much Pakistanis love to their country.


This era also was well but not as bright as early 20 years mainly because of political turmoil and the rise of ethnic groups which dictates the provincial entities and the idea of spliting the resources arise where higher class left nothing for lower class which is still continued. However private sector business rose to new heights in this era while government administrated departments saw a gradual decline both in revenue and services. Pakistan goes in to another was in 1971 losing its east wing which was a great backbone of country economy at that time.


Well if we analyze this era it is the most troublesome to Pakistanis in terms of terrorism but was very bright in terms of how Pakistan has evolved with information technology with everyone easy access to internet and mobile phones. Such sharp progress is never seen in any country as still mobile phones or services are expensive in most parts of world but in Pakistan they are much cheaper that anyone can get them. The life style also got boost but security is worse ever in Pakistan history.

We hope to gain our lost pride in early 20 years Pakistan had got.




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