Things You Must Know Before Going to Perform Umrah

Lots of good deeds for lucky ones who are going to perform Umrah. Pray for whole Muslim Ummah as well.
While you go to Umrah for the first time make sure you take care of all these steps.

Travel Agency:
The first and most important part is selecting a trusted travel agency. Today there exist lots of frauds specially in travel agencies system so you have to make sure you are selecting the authorized travel agency that has reputation of being the best. Sometime travel agencies highly advertised cheap packages to attract people but do not fall in to that prey because the cheap packages have poor hotels and far from the Makkah & Madina.

After selecting the travel agency you should ask and confirm following from them.

  • Which airline you will book us tickets?
  • Which hotel we would be staying?
  • How far it is from HARAM & MASJID NABAWI (most important)
  • Do we will get transport from airport to Hotel and from Makkah to Madina traveling?
  • Does room is sharing or individual one. If sharing how many people would already be there. In case you had your family we recommend you to have dedicated room as sometime the sharing might add only men so that would be difficult for your family to stay with them.
  • Whom we should contact when we are there on airport or when our stay at Makkah or Madina ends.

Travel agencies contracts with Saudi companies to handle all things in KSA so your passports would be held by them and your pick and drop would be responsibility of the company.

When you arrive on airport in KSA then the company bus will come to pick you up. There are lots of people there who can guide you. The Arabs understand some part of urdu language so you can even tell them in Urdu they will understand. Once in the hotel you should stay for 1-2 hours before going to perform Umrah. Its best to perform Umrah immediately after you reach in Makkah.

Once your stay ends in the Makkah and company bus will come to pick you on specified time to Madina. The traveling takes around 6 hours. Once your stay ends you will be pickup by the company to airport and your passports would be given back to you at that time so be sure to pickup your passports from them.

You should keep the voucher (Travel agency will give you hotel vouchers), your passport photocopy. Although Pakistani networks work there on roaming but very expensive. So you can buy the sim from there which cost from 30 Saudi Riyal to 50 Saudi Rayal. Sim can be internet only, call only or both and each one has different price. You must have passport photocopy otherwise they will not issue you sim. Zain Network is most recommended. Their franchise is close to Haram.

Things To Carry:
Enough Currency, although master card and visa card works in atms

Be sure to carry necessary clothes, household things (nail cutter, needle,scarfs)

Wheat can also be carried in small size for pigeons. Although you can get it from there too with 5 SAR.

There are lots of Pakistani hotels around which offer you local food. So do not worry about food. You will not get any spicy thing there and you will feel sweetness in everything even in chicken.

You will only get tea bag type tea (hot water + tea bag) so if you have to take this tea as there is no tea there like we make.

Water there is only in mineral water bottles like Nestle here. No water available to drink other than mineral water.

Ofcourse everyone loves to buy things from there for their loved ones. Makkah is expensive as compared to Madina so try to buy everything from Madina.

Split your luggage in to 2-3 pieces totally 32kg not more than that. Do not carry the Abe Zam Zam from Haram as you will given this on the airport based on number of people.



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