Who would be next Chief Of Army Staff?

Pakistan Army chief General Raheel Sharif is set to retire in late November. He has already decided not to extend his tenure. He would be replaced with the Let. General who is currently serving second to COAS. The process is that a list is finalized by Army, Secret Agencies and Ministry of Defence and sent to Prime Minister who has ultimate authority to select COAS. The COAS position is very crucial to both Army and Government. The Government always cautious in selecting the right person because in the past several time COAS was the main element in imposing marshal law.

Here are the persons who are in line for this post (This is not fix and more names can be there or some from this list may not be there too)

  • Let. General Zubair Mehmood Hayat (COJS GHQ)
  • Let. General Ashfaq Nadeem (Core Commander Multan)
  • Let. General Javed Iqbal Rmday (Core Commander Bhawalpur)
  • Let. General Qamar Bajwa (Inspector General Training & Evaluation)

The whole Army depends on COAS and look closely over it because its quite open fact that COAS drives the whole Pakistan Army. This time it would be more hard as currently serving General Raheel Sharif has done so much in a very delicate way that he is the most popular COAS currently. It would be very hard to carry on his legacy and confidence.

The defense analysts believes that Pakistan Army is well organized that chairing of positions do not affect any policies or operations being carried on. There may be shift change from ways to do a particular job but main backbone policies remain same. The time is also crucial when border clashes with India is at peak.

The coming COAS will have to face issues such as Zarb e Azb, LOC conflicts with India and challenges of inside terrorism as well as national action plan implementation.




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