Why not BAN Indian Films, Indian Channels & Ads

Today almost all of channels run Indian content heavily while on the other side their news channels run complete programs against India which is really strange. One one side they consider Indian films, ads and programs an easy way to earn money while on the other hand they attract more viewers by just going against India.

Why not ban Indian films in Pakistan:
According to 1960s or 70s court decision any Indian film in Pakistan is illegal and it can not be advertised or displayed in cinemas. But Indian film business is growing with all films comes as pirated copy and with internet facility that has become lot more easier. The PEMRA and Government censor boards are doing nothing to prevent this. Due to which Pakistani movies are not getting much attention and place in cinemas.

When we talk about to wage a war against India why not start it from our culture. Ban all Indian content of any kind. PEMRA rules suggest a channel can display 10% foreign content with only 3% Indian but situation is against this. There are several channels that only run on Indian content specially movie channels which shows Indian movies without ads (break free).

When India do not allow our channels in their country why we should allow.  The mafia is so strong that they never allowed any effort to harm their business and interest. Even in the worst time with India their movies are still coming to Pakistan, their ads are still running, their programs are still repeat telecast.

Government should make clear policies how much Indian and foreign content they can allow and violation should be punished.




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