Why Young Doctors Association is Protesting?

Young Doctors Association (YDA) which is protesting from almost 3 years now is going to be more serious. The issue is mainly in Punjab but spread all over the Country. The YDA is demanding to dismiss the new laws that forced to cut 15% tax from hospital total revenue resulting in fall of salaries for young doctors.

Its is also observed that doctors that were graduated from top Government universities or medical colleges were not given much opportunities instead private medical colleges students are more preferred. YDA was formed to protect the rights of young doctors and increasing their salaries as well as making them permanent.

On the other hand Punjab Government reacted strictly to that and tried to replace all protestors with those doctors who accept these new laws. The protest mainly was in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Gujranwala where protestors carrying play cards demanded to accept their demands.

YDA was on protest in front of PM house for 3 months in 2015 where Government negotiated with them partially and protest was ended but this year after Government failed to implement those things protests are again initiated.

The protest has made the main hospitals empty of the staff resulting in major problem for patients. Many patients who were there with their families had no where to go and had to wait several days before being treated by qualified doctors. Last year there were also reports of people died because of hospital staff was on protest and never come to their service.




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