Younis Khan Donated His Bat to NGO

Recently retired formed captain of Pakistan cricket team Younis Khan has donated his bat to NGO from which he made landmark 10,000 runs. He said that he should be given respect as his services to cricket and acknowldge his services then he is ready to participate in well beign of people and such events.

Addressing to the NGO staff he said that he had worked hard to accomplish his career with 10,000 runs and finished on high notes. He said that he is ready to provide his advice and services for the betterment of cricket in Pakistan.

He further said that there should not be any tax imposed on NGOs, reward money from PM and some part of it should be donated to Edhi & other NGOs. On a question about his political affiliation he said that he supports all those parties that are trying hard to make Pakistan strong. He also applause Sarfraz Ahmed for his stunning performance in Champion’s Trophy.

Younis Khan is actively participating in media and gatherings. He recently appeared on Ramzan Transmission along with Shahid Afridi. He also appeared on several cricket shows during Champions Trophy.



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