36% Price increase in Sui Gas, Winter Rates Finalized

OGRA has decided to increase the price of Sui Gas by 36% for upcoming winter season. This will allow them to receive approximately 9 billion from customers while Gas companies will collect 341 billion from the customers.

NSGPL price increased 57.89rs per MMBTU, SSGPL decreased 60.12rs per MMBTU. The gas prices are already increased by 60% last year and this year will make it highest expensive gas available to customers. OGRA said that residential customers will have set number of hours and usage limit while commercial users will have more of the usage to collect more revenue.

The gas deficit last year was 13 billion rupees which has 70% due to commercial and government non paid payments. To meet the deficit residential customers are always face the burden with increased gas prices. Due to this gas is not reaching the customers at full pressure.



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