How To Choose Right Tutor for Your Child

The current education system in Pakistan is established such way that tutors are a must for any student. Its like a doctor practicing privately  while having government job as well. The doctor would be a complete different person when you met him privately paying large fees. Same is for tutors. The teachers might not take much interest in schools/colleges and forcing students to take tuition. The same teachers teach here in a complete different way.

Our education system and the way large syllabus is put on child as a complete burden home tuition has become a vital base in getting grip on major subjects where a student is feeling difficulty.

Many students in secondary & higher secondary education think that only tuition is enough for them to get good marks and there is no need to go to school/college but it’s not possible though as you cannot get tuition for each subject.

How To Choose Right Tutor For Your Child

The mental level of each student is different thus each student needs a particular level of attention and care which is not possible or ignored in classrooms with many students having different levels of mentality. Some pickup things fast, same slow and some students do not understand anything. So first of all parents needs to talk to teachers for their child and learn about his abilities and level of his learning abilities. That will allow you to choose right person as tutor and you can also convey that to your tutor so he can understand your child better.

Home Tuition Near Exams

About 70% tuition in Pakistan is carried out in last 3 months before exams where students take more time in to tuition than in school/colleges. This is the best period to prepare well in exams. But to gain maximum benefit of tuition you can start at least 5-6 months and if its synchronized with your school syllabus that would be more perfect as you can prepare each subject gradually.

General Tutor vs Subject Tutor

Usually a general tutor is selected that can teach all major subjects. Benefit is that he can manage each subject well and can distribute time for each. It will also save cost rather than having specialized subject tutor. Subject tutor is beneficial if you are only taking tuition in a single subject.

Take your time in selecting the tutor and keep track of your child progress and improvement he has got with tuition.




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