Pakistan Will Not Give Back The Captured Solider

During latest conflict over LOC in Azad Kashmir Pakistan army captured an Indian soldier who had crossed the LOC and was in Pakistani territory. Earlier Pakistan Army has targeted successfully over the Indian checkposts and destroyed their bunkers and supply line.

The captured solider is from 37 rashtrya rifles and India claims it had cross the LOC by mistake and they had informed the Pakistan army through hotline. However in such tense situation no one cross LOC in such way even a mistake so Pakistan have the case to defend as India has no proof that the soldier crossed the LOC by mistake.

Pakistan had responded with full power after indian continouous shelling across LOC. The areas near LOC are under real threat on both sides and people after long 13 years of peace are now very feared. They are exposed to heavy fires so talks must be initiated on both sides to cease file on LOC.



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