Why India Can Not Bypass Pakistan?

China Pakistan Economic Corridor has become a battle between Pakistan & India and slightly Afghanistan as well. On much higher scale its a battle of economic supremacy between China & US. As CPEC is mostly China driven with complete investment US doing everything to block China to access to almost entire world through CPEC.

The CPEC idea is not new and in consideration for almost 2 decades but mostly Pakistan was hindered to do anything on this but as US & India realized that they can not stop Pakistan for CPEC, then they tried to evoke some of their allies to enhance issues like route is only going from Punjab and only Punjab is getting benefits. After such propaganda nothing is changed much and work on CPEC is going faster day by day.

India concerned about China as well as Pakistan to gain an edge over them can not sit silently. It first tried to settle things with Pakistan asking for trade rout inside Pakistan which Army strongly rejected thus desperate Indians have no chance except to gain Afghanistan as puppet of their strategy and ties with Iran to do something at least to cope with CPEC. But strategically there is no alternative of CPEC not chabahar nor any other port.

Iran and India can meet only through Afghanistan which is completely a war torn country even their capital is not safe and Taliban control over most of Afghanistan which is also admitted by Ghani’s government. In such situation it is really hard to have any route going inside Afghanistan.

The next & last way for India is to sabotage CPEC while its operation by funding to anti Pakistan elements to do terrorist actions as well as protests of discrimination with them or not getting benefits. Media will also be there to highlight this but such strategy  can not go much longer as army is controlling almost every Pakistani territory and mild chances that CPEC would be affected with this.

China’s economic power is way more than India and US. US wants India to compete with China which is realistic almost impossible. India heavily relies on foreign imports while China is best at producing almost everything domestically.

The Pakistan government has very less part in this CPEC and if defense & other such departments did not take much interest in CPEC it would never be going on the way its now so credit must be given to Army the way they stand up for CPEC and realize that its the backbone of Pakistan prosperity.





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