Why Rao Anwaar is Suspended?

Chief Minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah has immediately suspended Rao Anwaar over his act of arresting Khawaja Izharul Hassan the opposition leader of Sindh Assembly. He was arrested from his house by police force and then taken to jail in a bullet proof jeep.

After this incident Rao Anwaar was immediately suspended by chief minister reasoning that he had taken the law in his hands and arrest a parliament member without any warrant or evidence. Khawaja Izharul Hassann was released after 1-2 hours of custody which shows how strong is the political wing and how much helpless is the law.

Rao Anwaar is considered a daring police officer who had a out spoken press conference earlier to expose MQM connections with raw and how their agents are doing terrorism activities in Karachi. He was then suspended and transferred to another police station.

After today suspension he talk to media and widely criticize this saying that he can not arrest anyone without approval of chief minister and he think if this goes on he has no choice but to resign from the job.

PM Nawaz Sharif and other government officials immediately came to rescue Khawaja Izharul Hassan which shows how much sensitive issue for them. The social media is criticizing the role of Sindh government as well as federal government response as they do not give such response when a common man is arrested or anything such happen in other area of Pakistan.



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