World did not accept Indian surgical strike

India is furious over the international response about the surgical strike they allegedly done inside Pakistan in LOC. UN, USA and certified international media groups did not take this story as true as Indians are portraying. Even USA, the close ally of India said that they neither approve or reject the surgical strike by India. This has led to great disappointment for India because they were hoping that they allies as well as international media will take more attention to this and will make it a good case that terrorist exist in Pakistani area near LOC.

The media groups inside India also questioning the various things asked by Pakistan. The ISPR head General Asim Bajwa rejected any surgical strike from India. He said that they are ready to allow international investigation to determine the reality of this surgical strike. He said if India has done surgical strike there must be unrest on our side, there must be dead bodies and mass funeral prayers but nothing is like that.

The people living in LOC also confirming that none of such event happened and cross border firing is usual matter for them. The locals confirmed that India did shelling on LOC but never entered or crossed the LOC in to Azad Kashmir.

Meanwhile Pakistan army has given befitting response to Indian cross border firing and captured an Indian soldier who is in custody of Pakistan Army. The India said that the captured soldier has crossed the line of control by mistake and should be given back as per border rules but that seems quite odd as in such war crisis no one will take it as mistake.




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